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Cawdor Vehicle Gang Tactics Cards (Englisch)

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Produktnummer: 301-16
Produktinformationen "Cawdor Vehicle Gang Tactics Cards (Englisch)"
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Gangers from the House of Faith manufacture vehicles from any pieces of scrap that they can salvage. They ride these ramshackle vehicles out into the ash wastes, aiming to spread their faith and win their fortune between the shrines and holy sites dotted around the desert.

Take charge of your wasteland workshop with this pack of 26 reference cards for the gangs of House Cawdor, including a full set of Vehicle Gang Tactics, as well as blank Vehicle cards for tracking your gang's vehicles. Each card is proudly stamped with the icon of the House of Faith, making it a perfect showcase for your deference to the God-Emperor as you head out into the desert.

This box contains 26x cards (100mm x 75mm) for use in games of Necromunda:
– 18x Cawdor Vehicle Gang Tactics cards
– 8x Blank Vehicle cards

You will need a copy of Necromunda: House of Faith and either the Necromunda: Ash Wastes Rulebook or Necromunda: Book of the Outlands to use this card pack in your games of Necromunda.