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Datasheet Cards: Tyranids (Englisch)

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Produktinformationen "Datasheet Cards: Tyranids (Englisch)"
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The Tyranid hive fleets are rapacious alien swarms that flow from beyond the galactic fringe to devour all life. When the Tyranids attack they do so in unstoppable numbers, unleashing nightmarish bio-weapons upon their victims.

This set of 53 cards will help you keep track of your swarm in-game, with individual datasheets for every single Tyranids unit, detailing their profiles, wargear, options, and special abilities. You'll also find a reference card for the Tyranids army rules – Synapse and Shadow in the Warp – as well as special datasheet cards for use in Combat Patrol games.

- 1x Army Rules Card
- 47x Tyranid Datasheet Cards
- 5x Combat Patrol Datasheet Cards

All cards measure 161.5mm by 107.1mm, and feature an eye-catching purple foil glint edge.

You’ll need a copy of Codex: Tyranids to make full use of these cards.